Resources from the National Alliance to End Homelessness

Acronyms You Might Hear at the National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference

Simple Chart for Determining Eligibility for HUD Homeless Assistance Programs

Testimony of Nan Roman to the House Committee on Financial Services Hearing

What is Rapid Re-Housing?

Rapid Re-Housing Core Components

Rapid Re-Housing Benchmarks and Program Standards

Rapid Re-Housing Toolkit

Rapid Re-Housing for Youth Learning Community Webinars

Shelter Learning Series

Five Keys to Effective Shelter

Shelter Rules Infographic

Shelter Rules Blog

Shelter Learning Series Webinars


Resources from our Partners

NLIHC – Opportunities to End Homelessness and Housing Poverty in the 116th Congress

HUD Exchange – AHAR Reports

Prison Policy Initiative – Nowhere to Go: Homelessness among Formerly Incarcerated People

Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy – The Emerging Crisis of Aged Homelessness: A Multi-site Research Project

CityLab – When America’s Basic Housing Unit Was a Bed, Not a House

Heartland Alliance – Ending Homelessness Through Employment

SPARC – Supporting Partnerships for Anti-Racist Communities


Youth Resources from our Partners

HUD – Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

True Colors Fund – National Youth Forum on Homelessness

True Colors Fund – State Index on Youth Homelessness

Rapid Results Institute – Youth Homelessness in the United States

Youth Collaboratory – Smarter Coordinated Responses to Youth Homelessness

Point Source Youth – Rapid Re-housing